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Thanks for checking out prl's place! This site is my little corner of nostalgia away from the dreaded metaverse and all the other terrors of modern day internet. Ever since I started coding Neopets pages and MySpace layouts in middle school, I've had a love for computers and the world wide web, so this is yet another one of my contributions to the cyberspace. Here you'll find not only tons of pixels and old school graphics, but other multimedia like music, videos, and whatever else I find on the internet and feel like posting for you to see.

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Feb 12 2022 mobile-friendly site created

Jan 30 2022 more pages added, url "" obtained

Jan 24 2022 neocities site created

Dec 29 2020 prl buys her first domain name


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where i get lots of pixels
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a big shoutout to all of my friends, followers
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