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  28 years old
  Western MA

  instagram accounts:
   main ig prl.gram
   private ig prlsonal_
   side ig hemptressofhamp
   i manage this one! The Hempest
   i only work here Majestic Saloon

   paypal paypal.me/61694
   cashapp $pearlbastet

Thanks for checking out prl's place! This site is my little corner of nostalgia away from the dreaded metaverse and all the other terrors of modern day internet. Here you'll find things like old school graphics, random videos, tons of music music, and whatever else I find on the internet and feel like posting for you to see! A majority of my pages are interactive in some way, or have hidden links around them, so have fun exploring! This site is always under construction in some form, as it's my ongoing coding project, so please mind the mess!
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